First NamePietro
Last NameMosca
Phone011 6705354
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  • Following the Msc in geology at Department of Earth Sciences of University of Torino (Italy)
  • I obtained my Phd at Vrije Universiteit, Faculty of Earth Sciences, Departments of Tectonics/Structural geology and Isotope geochemistry, Amsterdam (The Netherlands).
  • In 1999 I started my activity at the IGG Torino.


  • I’m essentially interested in structural geology and its applications, tectonic evolution and relationship between tectonic and sedimentation in collision orogens.
  • Fieldwork and geological mapping are basic in my activity, variably coupled with petrographic techniques, seismic data interpretations and low-T thermochronological method.
  • I’m working in several sectors of the Western Alps, western Po Plain and Central-eastern Himalayas.


  • Since 1999, I participated to the creation of several geological sheets in the NW Italy (both Alps and adjacent sedimentary basins) for the CARG project (geological map of Italy at 1:50.000 scale).
  • I’m coordinator of the Geological map of Piemonte, at 1:250.000 (Italy).
  • I cooperate with the Ev-K2-CNR (Share Project).
  • I teach Structural-geological mapping (Msc course) and supervise Ms and Phd students at the Department of Earth Sciences, University of Torino.


  • Mosca P., Groppo C. and Rolfo F. (2014) - The geology between Khimti Khola and Likhu Khola valleys: a field trip along the Numbur Cheese Circuit (central-eastern Nepal Himalaya) - In "Geological field trips in the Himalaya, Karakoram and Tibet", (Eds) Chiara Montomoli, Rodolfo Carosi, Rick Law, Sandeep Singh and Santa Man Rai , Journal of Virtual Explorer, Volume 47 - DOI:10.3809/jvirtex.vol.2014.047. ISSN 144-8142
  • Rolfo F., Groppo C. and Mosca P. (2014) - Petrological constraints of the "Channel Flow" model in eastern Nepal - in Tectonics ofthe Himalaya, (Eds) Mukherjee, S., Carosi, R., van der Beek, P.A., Mukherjee, B.K. & Robinson, D.M. .Geological Society ,London, Special Publications, 412 ,
  • Groppo C., Rolfo F. and Mosca P. (2013) - The cordierite-bearing anatectic rocks of the Higher Himalayan Crystallines (Eastern Nepal): low-pressure anatexis, melt productivity, melt loss and the preservation of cordierite – Journal of Metamorphic Geology. DOI: 10.1111/jmg.12014, 31, 187-204
  • Mosca P., Groppo C. and Rolfo F. (2012)- Structural and metamorphic features of the Main Central Thrust Zone and its contiguous domains in the eastern Nepalese Himalaya – In: (Eds.) Guido Gosso, Maria Iole Spalla, and Michele Zucali, Journal of the Virtual Explorer, volume 41, paper 2, doi: 10.3809/jvirtex.2011.00294
  • Mosca P., Polino R., Rogledi S. and Rossi M (2010) - New data for the kinematic interpretation of the Alps–Apennines junction (Northwestern Italy). International Journal of Earth Sciences Volume 99, Issue 4,833-849 DOI: 10.1007/s00531-009-0428-2 .