First Name Luigi
Last Name Tosi
Unit Padova
Email luigi.tosi(at)
Role Research Manager
Phone 049 8274916
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  • 2020: CNR research director
  • 2010: senior CNR researcher
  • 1997: CNR researcher
  • 1992-1996: CNR research fellow
  • 1991: laurea in Geological Sciences 1991


  • Applied and environmental geology of coastal systems
  • Analysis of the effects of relative sea-level rise on transitional coastal systems
  • Continental-marine groundwater exchanges
  • Analysis of the saltwater Intrusion, forcing factors, effects on coastal plains, and monitoring of the process
  • Vulnerability and potential hydrogeological hazard associated to anthropogenic activities and global changes
  • Late Quaternary geology
  • Geological and geomorphological cartography


  • 2022-2023: SeCure - Saltwater intrusion and climate change: monitoring, countermeasures and informed governance. INTERREG Italy-Croatia CBC Programme, Safety and Resilience (EU). Responsible for the CNR Partner.
  • 2020-2023: HIETE - The Holocene Imprint on the future Evolution of Transitional Environments (Scientific Research of Excellence Programme funded by CARIPARO). Responsible for the CNR Partner.
  • 2019-2022: MoST - MOnitoring Sea-water intrusion in coastal aquifers and Testing pilot projects for its mitigation. INTERREG Italy-Croatia CBC Programme, Safety and Resilience (EU). Responsible for the CNR Partner
  • 2018-2021: Land subsidence and morphological evolution of the Venice lagoon connected to erosive and depositional processes combined with Relative Sea Level Rise (CORILA - Venice Water Authority). Responsabile di Linea 3.1.
  • 2018-2022: IM2LSC - Impact, Mechanism, Monitoring of Land Subsidence in Coastal cities (International Geoscience Programme Project 663). Responsible for the CNR Partner
  • 2016-2017: Relative Sea Level Rise scenarios along the coastlines of the Adriatic-Ionian sea, Italy - RITMARE, Italian Flagship Project (MIUR). Research Line Responsible.
  • 2016-2017: Groundwater-surface water interactions in the Venice Lagoon - RITMARE, Italian Flagship Project (MIUR). Operative Unit Responsible.
  • 2015-2016: Hydro-stratigraphic study to evaluate the impact of the new channel dredging for the access of large ships to the touristic harbour in the historic center of Venice, Italy (Venice Port Authority). Research Line Responsible.
  • 2014-2018: COSMO-SkyMed Vs RADARSAT-2 for monitoring natural and anthropogenic components of the land movements in the Venice coastlands (Canadian Space agency, Italian Space Agency). Principal Investigator.
  • 2013-2014: Study of the saltwater intrusion in the aquifer system of the Northern Po Delta - Southern Venice Lagoon by Airborne Electromagnetic surveys (Reclamation Water Authorities). Principal Investigator.
  • 2013-2015: Ground surface dynamics in the Venice Lagoon: five years of monitoring of natural tidal landforms and anthropogenic structures by TerraSAR-X. TerraSAR-X research (German Aerospace Center DLR). Principal Investigator.
  • 2012-2015: Hydrogeological processes, soil dynamics and relative sea level changes - RITMARE, Italian Flagship Project (MIUR). Principal Investigator.
  • 2011-2014: Fresh- saltwater in high-value coastlands: from the hydrogeophysical/geochemical characterization of the present interactions to the modelling quantification of the expected effects of climate changes (CONICET, Argentina). Principal Investigator.
  • 2011-2013: An integrated monitoring and management approach of hydrologic processes in coastal ecosystems for the understanding of the relation between continental and marine waters in the Yantai(China) and in the Venice coast (Chinese Academy of Sciences-CNR). Principal Investigator.
  • 2010-2011: Land movements in the Venice Lagoon: measuring the natural/regional and anthropogenic/local (Italian Space Agency). Principal Investigator.
  • 2009-2010: INLET-NET Project - Monitoring the vertical displacements of the Venice littorals by Interferometric Point Target Analysis (Venice Water Authority). Principal Investigator.
  • 2009-2010: Investigation of the Holocene subsoil of the Venice Lagoon (CORILA - Venice Water Authority). Principal Investigator.
  • 2008-2010: Salt contamination of groundwater and surficial waters processes and their interaction with the hydro- geomorphologic characteristics of the Buenos Aires and Venice areas (CONICET, Argentina). Principal Investigator.
  • 2008-2010: Plan of interventions for the morphological and quality restoration of the Venice Lagoon (CORILA -Venice Water Authority). Principal Investigator.
  • 2008-2010: An integrated monitoring and management approach of hydrologic processes in coastal ecosystems for the understanding of the relation between continental and marine waters in the Yantai, China, and in the Venice (North Adriatic Sea), Italy (Chinese Academy of Sciences). Principal Investigator.
  • 2008-2009: Monitoring land subsidence in Venice by TerraSAR-X (German Aerospace Center). Principal Investigator.
  • 2007-2010: VECTOR Project -VulnErability of the Italian coastal area and marine Ecosystems to Climatic changes and Their role in the Mediterranean caRbon cycles Project - CLIVEN (MIUR). Responsabile Unità.
  • 2006-2007: INLET Project - SAR interferometry for monitoring of the ground vertical displacement of the Venetian lagoon and coastal area (Venice Water Authority). Principal Investigator.
  • 2004-2007: New very high resolution seismic surveys in shallow water depth to study the subsurface in the Venice Lagoon. CORILA Line 3.16 (MIUR). Principal Investigator.
  • 2003-2004: Preliminary project for the construction of mobile gates at the mouth of the Brenta river to prevent saltwater encroachment (Water Reclamation Authority). Principal Investigator.
  • 2001-2007: CARG Geological mapping of the Lagoon of Venice and its hinterland (Geological Service of Italy): Sheet 128 Venezia. Principal Investigator.
  • 2001-2007: CARG Geological mapping of the Lagoon of Venice and its hinterland (Geological Service of Italy): Sheet 148-149 Chioggia-Malamocco. Principal Investigator.
  • 2001-2003: VENEZIA Project - Subsidence monitoring service in the lagoon of Venice for regional administrative and water authorities Data User Program Small Service (European Space Agency). Principal Investigator.
  • 1999-2003: Saltwater intrusion and land subsidence - ISES, funded by a consortium of Water Authorities, Municipalities and Provinces. Principal Investigator.
  • 1997-1999: Morphological restoration planning of the reclaimed areas of the Orbetello Lagoon (Italy). LIFE+ Project (EU). Principal Investigator.


  • 2017- present UNESCO - Land Subsidence International Initiative, elected member representing Italy
  • 2015-2018 Member of the Scientific and Technical Committee of the CORILA the Consortium for Coordination of Research Activities concerning the Venice Lagoon System overseen by MIUR.
  • Da 2016: Editorial Board, Scientific Reports.
  • Da 2016: Associated Editor, Marine and Petroleum Geology.


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