Title: The Alpine summer School “Cross-Scale Interactions in the Coupled Geosphere-Biosphere System” (Aosta Valley, Italy)

IGG Lecturers: Antonello Provenzale, Chiara Boschi

Dates: from June 15th to June 24th, 2016

Topics: geosphere-biosphere interactions; Earth Observations; modelling

Partecipants: PhD students

Organizers: ISAC-CNR (Turin, Italy) e Centre national de la recherche scientifique (France).

Schools description: interdisciplinary school presenting a quantitative approach to the physical, chemical, geological, biological and ecological principles of geosphere-biosphere interactions on multiple spatial and temporal scales, focusing on the role of Earth Observations and of modelling approaches.

Program: http://www.to.isac.cnr.it/aosta/frame_interno_lecturers.htm