First NameGianfranco
Last NameFioraso
Phone011 6705353
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  • 1994: graduated in Geological Sciences at the University of Torino;
  • 1995-1996: fellowship at CNR - IRPI, Torino;
  • 1996-1998 fellowship at CNR - CSGCC, Torino;
  • 1999-2001: contract researcher at National Research Council (CNR - CSGCC, Torino);
  • since 2002: researcher at National Research Council (CNR - CSGCC now CNR - IGG, Torino).


  • morphostructural analysis and cinematic interpretation of large landslides and deep-seated gravitational slope deformations in the Western Italian Alps;
  • stratigraphic analysis of continental deposits in plio-quaternary basins of North-Western Italy (Po Plain, Alessandria and Savigliano basins);
  • analysis of glacial and post-glacial evolution of alpine valleys related to gravitational collapse phenomena;
  • morphostructural and morphotectonic investigations in seismic and aseismic areas of North-Western Italy.


  • 2001-2005: CARG Project - Director of the mapping acitivities regarding the quaternary continental successions of the sheets 155 "Torino Ovest" and 156 "Torino Est” of the Geological Map of Italy at 1:50,000 scale;
  • 2001-2005: CARG Project - Scientific Coordinator of the 171 "Cesana Torinese” of the Geological Map of Italy at 1:50,000 scale;
  • 2005-2012: CARG Project - Director of the mapping acitivities regarding the quaternrry continental successions of the sheet 194 "Acqui Terme" of the Geological Map of Italy at 1:50,000 scale;
  • 2009-2014: Scientific Responsible of cooperation projects between CNR - IGG, the Regional Natural Park of the Cottian Alps and with ARPA Piemonte;
  • since 2009: Scientific Coordinator regarding the quaternarry continental successions within the "Geological Map of Piedmont at 1:250,000 scale" project between CNR - IGG and ARPA Piemonte.


  • Perrone G., Eva E., Solarino S., Cadoppi P., Balestro G., Fioraso G. & Tallone S. (2010) - Seismotectonics in the inner Cottian Alps (Italian Western Alps): An integrated approach. Tectonophysics, 496, 1-16.
  • Morelli M., Piana F., Mallen L., Nicolò G., Fioraso G. (2011) - Iso-Kinematic Maps from statistical analysis of PS-InSAR data of Piemonte, NW Italy: Comparison with geological kinematic trends. Remote Sensing of Environment, 115 (2011), 1188-1201.
  • Fioraso G. & Baggio P. (2013) - Geological map of the Mount Ciantiplagna rock avalanche (Chisone Valley, Italian Western Alps). Journal of Maps, 9 (3), 336-342.
  • Balestro G., Fioraso G. & Lombardo B. (2013) - Geological map of the Monviso massif (Western Alps). Journal of Maps, Vol. 9, No. 4, 623-635.
  • Perrone G., Morelli M., Piana F., Fioraso G., Nicolò G., Mallen G., Cadoppi P., Balestro G. & Tallone S. (2013) - Current tectonic activity and differential uplift along the Cottian Alps/Po Plain boundary (NW Italy) as derived by PS-InSAR data. Journal of Geodynamics, 66, 65-78.