First Name Assunta
Last Name Donato
Unit URT Messina
Email assunta.donato(at)
Role Researcher
Research Gate Link


  • 2005 High school leaving qualification in classical studies
  • 2009 Bachelor’s Degree in Analysis and Management of Natural and Anthropic Risks, University of Messina vote 110/110 cum laude
  • 2011 Master’s Degree in Geological Sciences and Technologies, University of Pisa, vote 110/110 cum laude
  • 2017 Ph.D. in Earth Sciences, University of Florence
  • 2013 - 2021 Research Fellow at Institute of Geosciences and Earth Resources (CNR-IGG), Pisa
  • 2022 - present Researcher at Institute of Geosciences and Earth Resources (CNR-IGG), Pisa


  • Geochemical survey aimed at identifying and characterizing the geothermal resources
  • Regulatory framework and authorization processes in geothermal fields
  • Environmental impact related to exploitation of geothermal resources


  • Geochemical survey (sampling and analyses on water and gas) aimed at characterizing the geothermal resources (Ph.D. program);
  • Collection and organization of geochemical data for the upgrade and extension of the National Geothermal Database, managed by the Italian National Research Council;
  • Mapping the geochemical parameters for identifying potentially geothermal areas, using spatial analyst tools in GIS environment;
  • Report on geothermal laws and regulations (including permitting and administrative processes);
  • Contribution to 3D geological modeling using software PETREL;
  • Contribution to geothermal potential and favourability mapping;
  • Contribution to creating, publishing and updating the content of project websites (VIGOR and Geothermal Atlas projects)
  • Contribution for compiling reports about regulatory, social and environmental aspects related to geothermal energy (Geothermal ERA-NET and GeoElec projects);
  • Nextdata Project Manager;
  • Dissemination: organizations of seminars and workshops.


  • A. Donato, D. Spadaro, D. Giuffrida, G. Sabatino, M. Di Bella, S. Trusso, R. C. Ponterio, 2024. Monitoring plastic pellet pollution in coastal environments through handheld Raman spectroscopy: Data from the Mediterranean coasts (Southern Italy). Marine Pollution Bulletin, 202, 116312.
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  • A. Minissale, A. Donato, M. Procesi, L. Pizzino, S. Giammanco, 2019. Systematic review of geochemical data from thermal springs, gas vents and fumaroles of Southern Italy for geothermal favourability mapping. Earth-Science Reviews, 188 (2019) Pages 514–535.
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