First NameGiacomo
Last NameCorti
RoleResearch Manager
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  • Current (from 2004): Researcher, Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche - Istituto Geoscienze e Georisorse.
  • Current (from 2013): Contract professor, University of Florence.
  • 2003: D., Earth Sciences, University of Pisa.
  • 1997: Laurea (MsC equivalent), Geological Sciences, University of Florence.


  • Dynamics and evolution of continental rifting. Patterns of deformation in extensional areas in relations to varying boundary conditions (rheology, kinematics, strain rates, etc.). Analysis of the evolution of the East African Rift System with special emphasis on the Main Ethiopian Rift. Analysis of the evolution of the Gulf of California.
  • Analogue modeling of deformation processes at various scales, including continental collision, strike-slip deformation, multiphase deformation, magma emplacement, geomorphic processes.
  • Active tectonics of Central America.
  • Active deformation of the Apennines.
  • Flow dynamics of the Antarctic ice sheet and meteorite accumulation


  • 2012: author of an invited review paper for Tectonophysics
  • 2010: mentioned (with the work "Continental rift evolution: from rift initiation to incipient break-up in the Main Ethiopian Rift, East Africa", Earth Science Reviews) in the CNR Highlights 2008-2009 and 2009-2010
  • CNR Award 2005.
  • Invited speaker at both international (EGU Vienna, Riftlink workshop, Germany) and national (SIMP-AIC meeting, Geoitalia) congresses


  • Author or co-author of 62 international publications, 3 geological maps, 5 national publications and more than 100 abstracts/extended abstracts at congresses
  • Guest Editor of Tectonophysics (special volume “Quantitative modelling of geological processes”, 484, Issues 1–4) and of the Bollettino di Geofisica Teorica e Applicata, 49, 2 supplement
  • H Index: 20 (Isi Web of Knowledge), 21 (Scopus), 23 (Google Scholar), 25 (integrated Isi, Scopus, Scopus secondary documents, Google Scholar)
  • Reviewer of ISI international journals (Nature geosciences, Geology, Journal of Geophysical Research, Earth and Planetary Science Letters, Journal of the Geological Society, Tectonophysics, GCubed, Tectonics, etc.).
  • Reviewer of international research projects (CNRS, France; NSF, USA; ACS, USA; NSERC, Canada; NERC, UK, etc.).
  • Reviewer and committee member of PhDs for several national and international institutions. Convenor of scientific sessions in both national and international congresses. Main Organizer of GeoMod2008, Third International Geomodelling Conference (Florence, 21-26 Sept 2008). Organizer of national workshops.
  • Participant or responsible of operative units of several national and international projects
  • Didactic activity in numerous national and international institutions. Invited teacher at the UNESCO “International School of Geothermics” held at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia (20-26 Feb 2006)
  • Contributed to the scientific documentary " La culla dell’umanità" realized by the University of Perugia (


  • Corti G. (2012). Evolution and characteristics of continental rifting: analogue modeling-inspired view and comparison with examples from the East African Rift System. Tectonophysics, 522-523, 1-33.
  • Corti G. (2009). Continental rift evolution: from rift initiation to incipient break-up in the Main Ethiopian Rift, East Africa. Earth Science Reviews, 96, 1–53.
  • Corti G. (2008). Control of rift obliquity on the evolution and segmentation of the main Ethiopian rift. Nature Geoscience, 1, 258-262.
  • Corti G., Carminati E., Mazzarini F., Garcia M.O. (2005). Active strike-slip faulting in El Salvador (Central America). Geology, 33, 989-992.
  • Corti G., Bonini M., Conticelli S., Innocenti F., Manetti P., Sokoutis D. (2003). Analogue modelling of continental extension: a review focused on the relations between the patterns of deformation and the presence of magma. Earth-Science Reviews, 63, 169-247.