First NameMaddalena
Last NamePennisi
RoleSenior Researcher
Phone050 6212373


  • MSc (cum laude) in Geology, Catania University (1982)
  • PhD, Paris XI University (1988)
  • CNR researcher since 1988 and Senior researcher since 2001


My interests focus on geochemistry and isotope geochemistry in hydrology, and in volcanic and geothermal systems. At present my research mainly aims at investigating biogeochemical processes associated to saline fossil waters, groundwater origin in relationship to landslides evolution, water/sediments interaction in mud volcanoes, sources ad mechanisms of water contamination, salinization of water resources. Geothermal fluids from drilling in supercritical condition (at Larderello field) also represent a new challenge of my current research 


  • EU DESCRAMBLE, Drilling in dEep, Super-CRitical AMBients of continentaL Europe, 2015-2018.
  • EU BOREMED Boron contamination of water resources in Mediterranean region, 2001 -2004
  • EC EV5V-CT91-0177, The European Laboratories Volcanoes, 1993 -1996
  • IAEA-IGG/CNR, Intercomparison of Boron Isotope and Concentration, 2001
  • Responsible of projects funded by the National Group for Volcanology, 1988-1995
  • Member of the Organizing Committee of the Short Course on Isotope Hydrology, IGG-CNR, since 2007
  • CNR Member of the Scientific Committee of the Tuscan Geologist Foundation
  • Guest Editor for Special Volume of Applied Geochmistry, VOl 34 2013-09-24
  • ISOBORDAT: a database on boron isotopes.


  • Grassi G., Amadori, M. Pennisi M., Cortecci G.. Identifying sources of B and As contamination in surface water and groundwater downstream of the Larderello geothermal – Industrial area. Journal of Hydrology 509, 66–82, 2014
  • Pennisi M., Bianchini G. Kloppmann W. Muti A. Chemical and isotopic (B, Sr) composition of alluvial sediments as archive of a past hydrothermal outflow. Chemical Geol. Chem Geol. 266, 123-134, 2009.
  • Pennisi M., Bianchini G. Muti A. Kloppmann W. “Behaviour of boron and strontium isotopes in groundwater-aquifer interactions in the Cornia Plain (Tuscany, Italy)” Applied Geochemistry, 21, 1169-1183, 2006.
  • Tonarini S., Pennisi M., Leeman, W.P. Precise boron isotope analysis of complex silicate (rock) samples using alkali carbonate fusion and ion-exchange separation. Chemical Geology, 129-137, 1997
  • Pennisi M. & Le Cloarec MF Variation of Cl, F, and S in Mount Etna’s plume, Italy, between 1992 and 1995. J. Geophys. Res. Vol. 103, B3, 5061-5066, 1998