First NameAlessandro
Last NameEllero
Phone050 6212336
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  • 1994 - Degree in Earth Sciences (University of Pisa) with a thesis entitled "Geology of the ophiolitic units in the Urtier Valley, Cogne - Western Alps".
  • 1995-1999 - PhD in Earth Sciences entitled "Pre-oligocenic structural evolution of the Internal Liguride Units units between Polcevera and Scrivia Valleys (Northern Apennines)”.
  • 2002-2005 - CNR Research grant entitled "Structural analysis of the Liguride Units of the Northern Apennines finalized to the reconstruction of the post-collisional evolution of the Alps-Apennines system”.
  • CNR Researcher since 2006. 


  • The main research activity is represented by the study of the issues related to the reconstruction of the structural evolution of orogenic belts, with particular interest in the analysis of the transpressive component of the deformation regime in collisional settings. Researches are performed in the Northern Apennines and Western Alps, with special attention to the relationships between Alps and Apennines systems, and in other countries as Morocco and Turkey. These issues are studied by means the structural analysis of geological structures at the mesoscale, including fault, fold and fabric geometries, combined with geological mapping of the geological setting. These methodologies of structural geology and geological mapping are also applied to relevant environmental issues in the framework of projects financed by Tuscany Region and LaMMA Regional Consortium.


  • Since 2008 he is the scientific coordinator for IGG of the applied research projects financed by Tuscany Region and LaMMA Regional Consortium. In this context, he is the scientific responsible of two temporary researchers.
  • From 2003 to 2011 he was responsible for the geological mapping of the sheet n.261 “Lucca” for the national project for the realization of the Italian Geological Map at the 1:50.000 scale (CARG Project).


  • Malusà M.G., Faccenna C., Baldwin S.L., Fitzgerald P.G., Rossetti F., Balestrieri M.L., Danisik M., Ellero A., Ottria G. & Piromallo C. (2015) – Contrasting styles of (U)HP rock exhumation along the Cenozoic Adria-Europe plate boundary (Western Alps, Calabria, Corsica). Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems. DOI 10.1002/2015GC005767.
  • Ellero A., Ottria G., Marroni M., Pandolfi L. & Göncüoglu M.C. (2014). Analysis of the North Anatolian Shear Zone in Central Pontides (northern Turkey): Insight for geometries and kinematics of deformation structures in a transpressional zone. of Struct. Geol., 72, 124-141.
  • Cerrina Feroni A., Ellero A., Malusa` M.G., Musumeci G., Ottria G., Polino R. & Leoni L. (2010) - Transpressional tectonics and nappe stacking along the Southern Variscan Front of Morocco. Int. J. Earth Sci., 99, 1111-1122.
  • Ellero A., Malasoma A., Marroni M., Pandolfi L. & Urbani F. (2007) – Tectono-metamorphic history of the Tacagua ophiolitic unit (Cordillera de la Costa, Northern Venezuela): insights in the evolution of the southern margin of the Caribbean plate. The Island Arc, 16, 105-123.
  • Levi N., Ellero A., Ottria G. & Pandolfi L. (2006) – Polyorogenic deformation history recognized at very shallow structural levels: the case of the Antola Unit (Northern Apennines, Italy). J. of Struct. Geol., 28, 1694-1709.