First Name Giovanni
Last Name Ruggieri
Unit Firenze
Email giovanni.ruggieri(at)
Role Senior Researcher
Phone 055 2757457


  • 1989: Degree in Geological Science with a vote of 110/110 (University of Florence).
  • 1993: PhD in Mineralogy and Petrology (Consortium of the Universities of Florence and Perugia).


  • Deep knowledge of fluid inclusions and several analytical methods for their study.
  • Applications of mineralogical-petrographic studies, analyses of fluid inclusions and stable isotopes to:
    • geothermal researches
    • genesis of mineral deposits, hydrothermal industrial rocks and pegmatites
    • thermo-barometric reconstructions in metamorphic and magmatic environments
    • studies on fluid migration in geological structures
    • researches on CO2 mineralogical and geological sequestration.
  • Experimental laboratory researches on fluid inclusion synthesis and fluid-rock interaction studies.


  • 1999: Awarded of "Johndino Nogara" prize of the Italian Society of Mineralogy and Petrology.
  • Invited lectures and courses: "Training on fluid inclusion analysis and data interpretation" (Manila, Philippines), “International School of Travertine & Tufa” (Abbadia San Salvatore, Italy), “Course on geothermal energy: development and utilisation” (Pyongyang, Democratic People's Republic of Korea).


  • 2014-Present: Italian scientific responsible of a CNR-TUBITAK (Turkey) bilateral project.
  • 2013-Present: Professor of the course "Fluid inclusions and applied mineralogy" for the Degree in Geological Sciences and Technologies of the University of Florence.
  • 2013-Present: Responsible of Tasks 3.2 and 4.3 of the IMAGE project (Integrated Methods for Advanced Geothermal Exploration), funded by the European Union (FP7).
  • 2013-Present: Member of the Commission on ore mineralogy of the International Mineralogical Association.
  • 2009-Present: Responsible of the Fluid Inclusions Laboratory Analysis at the IGG, OSU of Florence.
  • 2004-2006: Responsible of the Petrographic and Fluid Inclusions Laboratory of the IGG headquarters Pisa.
  • 2004: Coordinator of the IGG project: "Relations between tectonic structures and relaxing movement of geothermal fluids in southern Tuscany".
  • 1998-1999: Italian scientific responsible of a CNR/CNRS (France) bilateral project.


  • Bicocchi G., Tassi F., Bonini M., Capecchiacci F., Ruggieri G., Buccianti A., Burgassi P., Vaselli O. (2013): The high pCO2 Caprese Reservoir (Northern Apennines, Italy): Relationships between present- and paleo-fluid geochemistry and structural setting. Chemical Geology 351, 40–56.
  • Gasparrini M., Ruggieri G., Brogi A. (2013 ): Diagenesis versus hydrothermalism and fluid-rock interaction within the Tuscan Nappe of the Monte Amiata CO2-rich geothermal area (Italy). Geofluids, 13, 159–179.
  • Morteani G., Ruggieri G., Möller P., Preinfalk C. (2011): Geothermal mineralized scales in the pipe system of the geothermal Piancastagnaio power plant (Mt. Amiata geothermal area): a key to understand the stibnite, cinnabarite and gold mineralization of Tuscany (central Italy). Mineralium Deposita, 46, 197–210
  • Liotta D., Ruggieri G., Brogi A., Fulignati P., Dini A., Nardini I. (2010): Migration of geothermal fluids in extensional terrains: the ore deposits of the Boccheggiano-Montieri area (southern Tuscany, Italy). International Journal of Earth Sciences, 99, 623-644.
  • Boschi C., Dini A., Dallai L., Ruggieri G., Gianelli G. (2009): Enhanced CO2-mineral sequestration by cyclic hydraulic fracturing and Si-rich fluid infiltration into serpentinites at Malentrata (Tuscany, Italy). Chemical Geology, 265, 209-226.