2017 – now. Post-doctoral Fellow at IGG – Geosciences and Earth Resources Institute (Pisa, National Research Council of Italy). Research topic: Time series analysis of environmental, climatic and paleoclimatic data by spectral methodologies and complex networks theory  

2014 – 2017. Post-doctoral Fellow at IMT School for Advanced Studies Lucca (Complex networks research unit). Research topic: Networks of networks in socio-economic and natural systems 

2013 – 2014. Post-doctoral Fellow at INFN-TO (National Institute of Nuclear Physics, section of Turin). Medical physics field. Research topic: Implementation and characterization of medical phantoms, to be employed in hadrotherapy for treatment planning systems validation  

2011 – 2013. Lagrange Fellowship by ISI Foundation (Institute for Scientific Interchange); CRT Foundation (Turin) co-funding. Partnerships: INFN-TO  (National Institute of Nuclear Physics, section of Turin) & A.O.U. San Luigi Gonzaga (Orbassano, Turin).  Research topic: Characterization of a neutron source obtained from photo-conversion of gamma radiation produced by in-hospital LINAC, in biological and medical fields 

2009 – 2011.  Post-doctoral Fellow at  IFSI-INAF-TO (National Institute for Astrophysics, section of Turin).

Research topic: Study of cosmogenic radioisotopes in meteorites for the reconstruction of solar activity variation in the past: comparison with the measurements obtained from terrestrial archives, especially from marine sediments 

2005 – 2008. Ph.D. in Fundamental and Applied Physics, and Astrophysics (XXI cycle), Turin University

2002 – 2004. Master’s degree in Environmental and Biomedical Physics (cum laude), Turin University 

1999 – 2002. Bachelor’s degree in Physics (cum laude), Turin University


  • Digital signal processing & Advanced spectral and statistical time-series analysis applied to geophysics, macroeconomics, biological systems, with both classical and advanced spectral methods (MEM, MTM, BT correlogram, WT, PCA, EEOF, SSA, M-SSA)
  • Complex networks theory applied to biology (plants taxonomy and classification on the basis of their seed dispersal and volatile organic compounds emissions); to socio-economic systems (distress propagation in the framework of financial contagion in networks of banks); and to online social networks (Facebook echo chamber dynamics; Twitter data as fingerprints of economic and social interactions)
  • Paleoclimatology & Geophysics: meteorites and cosmogenic radionuclides (gamma-ray spectroscopy with HPGe + NaI detectors); extreme events analysis (historical volcanic records); sea surface temperatures (SSTs) proxies (especially, foraminiferal d18O, d13C) from marine sediments samples (Mediterranean area)
  • Medical physics & Radiation dosimetry: hadrotherapy and BNCT (Boron Neutron Capture Therapy);  treatment planning system (TPS) benchmarking and validation


2013. Member of the International Committee at 7th YRBNCT Meeting, Granada (Spain)

2010. Best Presentation 2010 at VI SIF Congress (Sec IVa: Geophysics and Environmental Physics)

2010. Best Poster 2010 at LIV SAIt Congress


2017 – now. Collaboration to EU H2020 Project ECOPOTENTIAL

2017 – now. Collaboration to the MIUR National Project of Interest NextData

2014 – 2017. Participation to EU FET Integrated Project MULTIPLEX nr. 317532

2014 – 2017. Collaboration to EU FET Open Project PLEASED nr. 296582

2013 – 2014. Participation to European Project FP7-ENVISION

2010 – 2011. Assistant Professor for the course of PHYSICS II (Turin University, Mathematics Dip. G. Peano)

2009 – 2010. Seminar/Lesson for the Second Year of Ph.D. in Economics and Complexity (Turin University & Real Collegio Carlo Alberto)

2008 – 2010. Assistant Professor for the course of TERRESTRIAL PHYSICS (Turin University, Physic Dip.)

2005 – 2008. Participation to European Commission’s Project nr. 12975 (NEST) Extreme events: Causes and consequences (E2-C2).  


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