Sa.Pe.Vo. El Salvador mitigar Peligro Volcanico

The Sa.Pe.Vo. project, acronym for El Salvador mitigar Peligrosidad Volcanica, is a product of the Institute of Geosciences and Earth Resources of CNR. The project team includes leading Italian universities (Unifi, Unipa, UNIRM1) and Salvadoran (Universidad de El Salvador - UES), The Italian Agency for International Cooperation has financed the project.

This is the latest in a series of projects conducted with the Italian Cooperation, a sign of confidence that the Foreign Affairs Ministry has in the abilities of the CNR-IGG. The teaching and research activities carried out at the UES arouse considerable international interest thanks to the interdisciplinary approach applied for the first time in a training project. In fact, the project contains two parts connected to each other and divided by "diplomados":

The first is a is a course defined hazard volcanic mitigation "mitigar peligro volcánico" and counts 42 students belonging to the same UES and bodies such as the Ministry of Environment of El Salvador and the Salvadoran civil protection .

The second course covers psychosocial aspects and is defined "psychology diplomado en de la emergencia"; this course involves 33 students belonging to UES and to ministries of education and health. The selected pilot sites for monitoring and for the study are the volcano Chaparrastique (San Miguel), the volcano Llamatepec (Santa Ana), Quezaltepec (San Salvador).

The project takes place in close collaboration, as well as with the UES, with the relevant ministries. Particularly for volcanic monitoring data of El Salvador, the Ministry of the Environment (MARN) is working very effectively, as indeed is doing the ministry of education. The synergies created in Italy and El Salvador will lead to concrete results in the short term, in particular will create a natural risk-research facility with the birth of technical and research facilities and expertise also in the field of emergency psychology.

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