The ORMA Project, funded by the Region of Tuscany with Executive Decree no. 7426 of 14/05/2020 and started on December 1, 2020, aims to train experts to support innovation, technology transfer, promotion of the relationship between research and business and europlanning and to strengthen the skills of the territory in the field of research/enterprise integration, internationalization, technology transfer, culture of innovation, monitoring and forecasting of technologies and europlanning.

A consortium made up of: CNR (Research Areas of Florence and Pisa), INGV and INFN.

11 grants have been funded, 3 of which assigned to the Research Area of Pisa and divided into three paths: Trails (training and experience in the identification, invention and implementation of innovation in medical devices), Climate (training of a qualified figure in disciplines such as energy, ecology and economics and on the levels at which they can be declined in terms of communication, internationalization, technology transfer) and Eurolab (europlanning and internationalization).

In particular, IGG is mainly involved in the CLIMATE pathway. 

Here is the link to the first four videos of the series "Trasferire la sostenibilità - il CNR di Pisa per le imprese toscane" made in the framework of Katia Genovali's grant. In this series, researchers from the Pisa Area in the fields of materials, ecology, earth sciences and energy explain how scientific knowledge can be applied to improve the sustainability of products, processes and services.

IPCF Tutor: Luciano Celi

IGG Contact Person: Maddalena Pennisi (maddalena.pennisi@igg.cnr.it)