“LaMMA” REGIONAL PROJECT (Tuscany Region funds)

Coordinator: Dr. Alessandro Ellero

Since 2005 the Institute of Geosciences and Earth Resources operates in collaboration with the LaMMA Consortium in research projects funded by the Tuscany Region and aimed to the deepening and development of knowledge regarding the geology of the region. Over the years, the topics addressed have mainly concerned the protection and preservation of water resources through the geological, hydrodynamic and geochemical characterization of regional subterranean aquifer systems, the definition of regional geochemical baselines and slope stability; in respect of activities carried out numerous geothematic databases were set up.

Currently, in an agreement with the LaMMA Consortium, IGG is the coordinator and executor of 6 projects concerning:

  • study of Mt. Amiata (southern Tuscany) volcanology and preparation of a monographic volume;
  • implementation of flow numerical models regarding regional aquifer systems settled in porous media and deepening of knowledge of water bodies settled in the sandstones of the Northern Apennine foredeep succession;
  • development of functions for geostatistical analysis of the data structured in the Regional Geochemical Database (Geobasi) and definition of a protocol for the determination of the geochemical baseline (in collaboration with UNIFI, UNIPI and UNISI);
  • realization of a micropaleontological database concerning rock samples collected on the surface of the regional territory and containing information on age and on depositional palaeoenvironments; definition of the relationships with the corresponding data contained in the Subsoil database of the Tuscany Region (in collaboration with UNISI);
  • geotechnical study of the regional surface deposits and estimate of their susceptibility to shallow landslides; development of a lithotechnical regional database; implementation of the Geomorphological database of the Tuscany Region (in collaboration with UNISI);
  • implementation of the Groundwater Bodies database of the Tuscany Region and its publication under the Regional Geographical Infrastructure.