Adriatic coastal regions, sensitive to the effects of climate change and experiencing a significant increase of water consumption in peak periods of the year, need improved protection of freshwater aquifiers to saline intrusion through a sustainable management of water resources. ASTERIS (Adaptation to Saltwater inTrusion in sEa level Rise Scenarios) is an Interreg Project Italy-Croatia, aims to create a common adaptation plan that will generate applicable adaptation and protection measures.

Common challenges:

  1. expected climate change impacts on sea level rise and precipitation rates;
  2. water supply essential for sustainability of coastal societies and ecosystems;
  3. increased consumption for human activities, including agriculture, increasing the risk of seawater intrusion towards freshwater aquifiers.

Project coordinator: Prof. Simone Galeotti, Università degli studi di Urbino “Carlo Bo” (simone.galeotti(at)

CNR Scientific Responsible: Dr. Barbara Nisi, CNR-IGG (barbara.nisi(at)

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