VIGOR Project

VIGOR (“Valutazione del potenzIale Geotermico delle regiOni della conveRgenza”, i.e. Geothermal potential assessment of Regioni Convergenza) was a four year Project launched at the end of 2010, coordinated at national level by CNR-IGG and dedicated to a comprehensive assessment of geothermal energy and its technological applications in four regions of southern Italy (Calabria, Campania, Apulia and Sicily, the “Regioni Convergenza”).
VIGOR’s challenge is to extend the use of geothermal heat to efficiently produce power and/or heat from a renewable resurce that is globally distributed and always available.
The objectives of the project answer to the need of favouring the design and support of integrated models in relation to the renewable energy production, and the establishment, growth and diffusion of knowledge in order to allow awareness of administrations and society to make sound choices.

VIGOR was part of the activities of the Interregional Programme Renewable Energies and Energy Savings FESR 2007-2013 - Axes I Activity line 1.4 “Experimental Actions in Geothermal Energy”.

Scientific coordination of the project: Adele Manzella, CNR - IGG

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