This research was focused on the role of the Wave Radar Mobile System in the study of sea state and seabed depth changes in coastal areas during storm surges. The mouth of the Arno River was chosen as the study area for both its exposure to storm surges and the intense urbanization of the coastal zones. The data acquired demonstrate that the X-band radar technology is a valuable monitoring tool that improves the knowledge of the relations between sea conditions, nearshore sediment dynamics, and seabed changes at a local scale. In addition, the X-band radar data recorded over many years and appropriately organized into a database will be a fundamental source for integrated coastal zone management, the goals of which are to prevent and reduce the impact of hazardous events and to promote sustainable development. The maintenance of natural resources and environmental quality help to guarantee future generations the same ecosystem services we enjoy today.


Raffa, F.; Alberico, I.; Serafino, F. X-Band Radar System to Detect Bathymetric Changes at River Mouths during Storm Surges: A Case Study of the Arno River. Sensors 2022, 22, 9415. s22239415.

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