An international team, including researchers from the University of Milan and CNR-IGG, has published a new study on the effects of global warming in high mountain areas in the well-known journal Nature Communications. The integration of field data, using more than 150 near-subsurface soil temperatures in proglacial areas of the Alps, Andes and Svalbard Islands, and information obtained by Remote Sensing has allowed the reconstruction of changes in soil temperature over the last 20 years. Temperature increase was particularly marked in tropical and sub-tropical areas, and in areas near glaciers, and was frequently associated with a decrease in the number of days with snow on the ground.

Bibliographic reference

Marta, S., Zimmer, A., Caccianiga, M. Gobbi, M., Ambrosini, R., Azzoni, R. S., Gili, F., Pittino, F., Thuiller, W., Provenzale, A. and Ficetola, G. F. Heterogeneous changes of soil microclimate in high mountains and glacier forelands. Nat Commun 14, 5306 (2023).

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