A new study for a procedure to standardize CO2 flux measurements from soil by the accumulation chamber in Frontiers in Environmental Science has been published. The work presents a systematic approach to perform reliable CO2 flux measurements with the non-steady-state closed accumulation chamber method. This methodology is widely used whenever it is necessary to measure soil respiration and the emission of CO2 and/or greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, however, a methodological protocol to perform standardized measurements has never been presented. This study compared different devices (accumulation chambers) and different sensors by means calibration laboratory test and the best regression model, in terms of reproducibility and accuracy, has been setup. The approach proposed in this paper can be considered as a first procedure to standardize flux measurements and consequently make comparable measurements made at different sites with different instrument.


Baneschi I., Raco B., Magnani M., Giamberini M., Lelli M., Mosca P., Provenzale A., Coppo L. and Guidi M. (2023). Non-steady-state closed dynamic chamber to measure soil CO2 respiration: A protocol to reduce uncertainty. Front. Environ. Sci. 10:1048948. doi: 10.3389/fenvs.2022.1048948.

For more information: Ilaria Baneschi (ilaria.baneschi@igg.cnr.it) e Brunella Raco (brunella.raco(at)igg.cnr.it), CNR-IGG.