A new joint study between the Institute of Geosciences and Earth Resources and the University of Florence, just published in Earth and Planetary Sciences Letters, highlighted the dynamics of volcanic processes of caldera collapse in rift settings, with a focus on the East African Rift Valley. The study, using analogue models performed at the Tectonic Modelling Laboratory hosted in Florence, clarified the mechanisms of caldera fault reactivation in rift settings, and, vice versa, highlighted how such faults may influence the development and propagation of regional faults. Furthermore, models allowed to infer the relationships linking these structures and the migration of geothermal and magmatic fluids, highlighting which structures are likely to host fluids.

Bibliographic reference

Maestrelli, D., Corti, G., Bonini, M., Keir, D., Facincani, P., Vannucchi, P., Del Ventisette, C., Montanari, D. & Sani, F. (2024). Fault reactivation and growth at rift-related calderas. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 636, 118700. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.epsl.2024.118700

For information: Daniele Maestrelli, CNR-IGG (daniele.maestrelli@igg.cnr.it)