Geological Map of the Piemonte region, 1:250.000 scale and  WebGIS Service

The Geological Map of the Piemonte region has been published on the  Arpa Piemonte Geoportal (Progetto GeoPiemonte Map), which represents the first synthetic representation of the geology of the region, based on a homogeneous database being updated.

The management and the updating of the GeoPiemonte Map Service is provided by CNR IGG (scientific data) and ARPA Piemonte (WebGIS Service).

The Geological Map of the Piemonte region, realized at 1:250.000 scale (published on: Journal of Maps full articledownload) (Piana et al., 2017) can be queried on the  ARPA Piemonte WebGIS Service up to the scale of about 1:70.000.

The GeoPiemonte Map is a scientific product validated by highly skilled experts in several geological disciplines, based on a geodatabase driven by a rigorous conceptual model, compliant with international descriptive standards for the geosciences such as  (IUGS GeoSciML and  INSPIRE, Data Specification on Geology.
The geodatabase was designed referring to an ontology of the geological features  “OntoGeonous”, developed by the GeoPiemonte working group (Leader: Prof. V. Lombardo, Dipartimento di Informatica, Università di Torino), presently  available on “WikiGeo” pages.

The geological map of Piemonte is an effective tool for understanding the geological setting of the region and the distribution of its great geodiversity, in order to get information for the evaluation of the geological hazards and land management.

Second version 2021:

Second corrected and updated version of the "GeoPiemonte Map" and related WebGIS service, also including synthetic subsurface data of the Po Valley, reworked from ENI spa interpretations.