The laboratory, hosted at Pisa, provides professional facilities for an easy preparation of any geological (rocks, minerals, soils), archeological (ceramics, coins, slags, etc.) and artistic (paint films, etc.) materials. Activities performed in these laboratories are preliminary to the preparation of thin/thick sections, mineral separates, polished slabs, microsamples, etc. necessary for the scientific analyses.
Preparation of these materials involve several techniques (cutting, crushing, milling, sieving, polishing, gravimetric/magnetic separation, etc.) and equipments:
• cutting (diamond saws)
• crushing (jaw crushers, disc crushers)
• milling (agate ball mil)
• setacciatura (sieve shacker)
• microscopia (binocular stereoscopic and petrographic microscopes)
• separazione magnetica (Frantz and Carpco separators)
• separazione gravimetrica (shaking table, Na-polytungstate system, centrifuges)
Details for each laboratory are explorable by the following links: