The IGG Geomechanics and Geotechnologies Laboratory (Figure 1 and Figure 2), based at the Politecnico di Torino, has acquired considerable experience over time on site and in the laboratory, relating to physical, mechanical and technological characterization of rocks, aimed at performing engineering works, through an important endowment of research devices.


The laboratory is equipped with:

  • MTS (Materials Test System) stiff loading machine, servo-controlled (with digital technology), 2700 kN, equipped with a load cell, for the execution (automatic/manual) of various types of tests, with different control parameters (load/deformation) and in various conditions: almost static, "fast" creep, low frequency dynamics; strain gauge transducer kits specific for uniaxial compression tests, various types of tensile strength, toughness, and fracture propagation; 100 MPa triaxial confinement cell and heating apparatus for confined tests, with temperatures up to 150 °C, equipped with special longitudinal and circumferential strain gauges. 
  • Conventional loading machines: unidirectional 3000 kN and bidirectional (compression, traction) 50 kN, equipped with load cells and triaxial cell.
  • Shear machine, provided with 500 kN and 50 kN actuators (horizontal and vertical).
  • 500 kN loading machine for "slow" creep tests.
  • Linear dilatometer for NX specimens operating up to 1500 °C.
  • ILCM (Intermediate Linear Cutting Machine: a structure specifically designed to carry out a test considered, to date, the most realistic as regards the rock-tool interaction process. The equipment assesses the forces exchanged during excavation between a tool (sliding or rolling) and the rock by means of a triaxial load cell. The tool mounted on the machine is in this case a disk, with the same characteristics as those mounted on the head of a TBM (Tunnel Boring Machine). The sample used faithfully represents the rock to be tested. The possibility of varying some geometric parameters, such as the distance between the grooves and the depth of cut, allow to evaluate the spacing/penetration ratio that optimizes the specific excavation energy.
  • Test desk with motorized tilting base for long discontinuity tests (tilt test).
  • Motorized laser profiligraph on 2 axes for automatic detection of roughness of discontinuities on big surfaces (1 m2).
  • Equipment for the determination of indices, such as: punching (point load test), sclerometric and roughness; speed of ultrasonic waves from pulsed test on specimen (pulse bar test) and contrast press.
  • Apparatus for particle size analysis for the execution of qualification tests according to the most common standards in the world, such as ovens, electromechanical sieve shaker, sieves etc.
  • Equipment for the preparation of specimens, such as disk cutting machine, core drilling machine and grinding machine.

Furthermore, attention is paid to numerical modelling and automatic calculation, using "general purpose" calculation codes such as Flac, UDEC, Map3d, to carry out analyses linked to field problems (e.g.: strain-strain in continuous and discrete structures with FEM, FD, BEM, DEM techniques) and specific calculation programs, developed internally by the IGG for analysis and processing of various types of data (e.g.: interpretation of geological structural surveys; determination of the stress state of a rock mass by means of data acquired from on-site tests), data acquisition from sensors, control of material-testing machines; "general purpose" calculation codes for statistical analysis, mathematical developments, graphics, database.


Responsible: Eng. Marilena Cardu (Associate Professor at Politecnico di Torino – Research Associate at CNR)

Eng. Giorgio Iabichino (Senior Associate)

Eng. Valentina Isaia (Research fellow)

Eng. Igor Marino (Research fellow)

Eng. Simone Saltarin (Research fellow)



+39 011 0907676 (Laboratory)

+39 011 0907615-7655 (Office)






The activity carried out mainly concerns investigation topics related to the development of both basic and applied research lines.

The studies belonging to the first topic aim to define the behaviour of rocks at different scales, under various actions they are subjected for the purposes of excavation and processing, as well as the methods necessary for their characterization according to a technological way. Of course, the investigation topics are mainly oriented towards aspects of application relevance, as shown in the following table of ongoing research programs:

In the second area, the studies developed essentially address the problems of excavation, the stability and stabilization of rock masses, the related safety and environmental ptotection problems, and the technological characterization of rocks in view of their use in construction. Also for these issues, a brief detail is shown in Table 2 below.

In addition to the institutional research activities described, IGG-CNR at Politecnico di Torino also operates through research contracts on specific topics proposed by external public or private companies.

In this sector, studies were carried out to determine the stability of open pit and underground exploitation sites, as well as studies to evaluate the safety conditions of the working environments (construction sites and plants) both underground and open pit. Numerical modelling of tunnel excavations and underground openings were conducted. Specific monitoring stations (with various methodologies) of the main parameters characterizing the state of stress and strain of structural elements in underground excavations for mining or civil purposes have been developed and implemented. Furthermore, studies were carried out to verify field data for the construction of trenches (urban sub-services) for the gas distribution, with the aim of characterizing the backfilling materials employed; different numerical models were built, simulating the mechanism that produces yielding and calculating its action on the pipes, by performing several types of analysis.

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