A team composed of researchers from several Greek universities and research centres, from the University of Paris and from IGG-CNR, published on Scientific Report a paper highlighting the importance of chemical and isotopic characterization to establish the origin of deep fluids from 4 different geothermal fields located in Northern Greece. The results show that isotopic geothermometers are able to discriminate low-medium enthalpy fields from medium-high enthalpy ones.

Bibliographic reference:

Dotsika, E., Dalampakis, P., Spyridonos, E. Diamantopoulos, G., Karalis, P., Tassi, M., Raco, B., Arvanitis, A., Kolios, N., Michelot, J. L.. Chemical and isotopic characterization of the thermal fluids emerging along the North–Northeastern Greece. Sci Rep 11, 16291 (2021).


For more information:

Brunella Raco (CNR-IGG, brunella.raco@igg.cnr.it)