New study on carbon dioxide fluxes and their drivers in alpine tundra

This study, published in Science of the Total Environment, describes a statistical study of carbon dioxide fluxes and their drivers in alpine tundra. Different empirical models are compared by means of a dataset of in situ measurements, obtained in three years of sampling at the Critical Zone Observatory at Nivolet Plain, in the Gran Paradiso National Park (Western Alps). The main result of this work is the identification of a model highlighting which meteoclimatic and geochemical factors determine the variability of carbon dioxide fluxes in the Critical Zone. 

Reference: M. Magnani, I. Baneschi, M. Giamberini, P. Mosca, B. Raco, A. Provenzale, Drivers of carbon fluxes in Alpine tundra: a comparison of three empirical model approaches, Science of The Total Environment, 2020, Volume 732, 139139, ISSN 0048-9697,, ArXiv link,

For further information, please contact: Marta Magnani, CNR-IGG (marta.magnani(at)igg.cnr(dot)it).