New insights on geothermal resources of western Sicily

Dr. Domenico Montanari and co-workers (Minissale A., Doveri M., Gola G., Trumpy E., Santilano A. and Manzella A.) recently published a study in Earth-Science Reviews.

The research illustrate a multidisciplinary and integrated review of the existing geological, geochemical and geophysical data, specifically re-analyzed for geothermal purposes, has led to understanding the western Sicily geothermal system as a whole, and to reconstructing the modalities and particular features of the deep fluid circulation within the regional reservoir. The presented reconstruction of geothermal fluid circulation could be viewed as an example of the general behavior of low-to-medium enthalpy geothermal systems hosted in carbonate units worldwide.

This study was performed within the framework of the VIGOR Project. A free access to the manuscript describing the study is available here. For more information, please contact Domenico Montanari, Ph.D.

Full reference: Montanari D. Minissale A., Doveri M., Gola G., Trumpy E., Santilano A. and Manzella A. (2017). Geothermal resources within carbonate reservoirs in western Sicily (Italy): A review. Earth-Science Reviews 169 (2017) 180–201.