Crustal Structure of Sicily, new data and maps

This study aims at modeling the main crustal and thermal interfaces of Sicily (Italy), a key area for understanding the geological complexity at the collisional boundary between the African and European plates. The results show a complex carbonate basement and a deep crystalline crust in central Sicily, with a prominent uplift beneath the Hyblean Plateau. Maps of the Moho and the Curie isotherm surface define a variable thermal and structural setting of Sicily, with very thin crust in the southern and eastern sectors, where high heat flow is found, and deep and cold crust in the central sector.

Full bibliographic information: Milano, M., Kelemework, Y., La Manna, M., Fedi M., Montanari, D., Iorio, M. (2020). Crustal structure of Sicily from modelling of gravity and magnetic anomalies. Sci Rep 10, 16019 (2020).



For further information please contact Domenico Montanari, IGG-CNR (domenico.montanari(at)cnr(dot)it).