Aeolian megaripples on Earth and Mars

This study, published in Earth and Planetary Science Letters, addresses the cause and mechanisms of transverse instability of aeolian megaripples on Earth and Mars, focusing on the role of grain size distribution. The research approach includes observations, measurements, data analysis and numerical modelling.

Reference: H. Yizhaq, G. Bel, S. Silvestro, T. Elperin, J.F. Kok, M. Cardinale, A. Provenzale, I. Katra (2019). The origin of the transverse instability of aeolian megaripples. Earth and Planetary Science Letters. 512, 59-70,

Paper is available here:,Ig4G-MW.

For further information please contact Antonello Provenzale, CNR-IGG (antonello.provenzale(at)cnr(dot)it).