First Name Sara
Last Name Lenzi
Unit Pisa
Email sara.lenzi(at)igg.cnr(dot)it
Role Research fellow


  • 2014 - BSc in Physics, University of Pisa (Italy), Faculty of Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences. Thesis title: “Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Neuromuscular Diseases”.
  • 2016 - MSc in Physics of Complex Systems, University of Torino (Italy), Department of Physics. Thesis title: “Simplified model for Geosphere-Biosphere interactions and the Global Carbon Cycle”.
  • March 2017 – Scholarship at IGG (Institute of Geosciences and Earth Resources) CNR-Italy, title: “Simulations of convective processes and biogeochemical and geological carbon cycle”;
  • October 2017 - present Ph.D. student  in Physics and Astrophysics at University of Turin;
  • June-August 2018 – GFD program fellow at WHOI (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute) Boston (MA).


  • Planetary Habitability: study of geosphere-biosphere-climate interactions through zero and one-dimensional EBM (Energy Balance Model).
  • Geophysical fluids dynamics: numerical simulations of convection for high Prandtl number fluids, focused on the Earth’s mantle dynamics, with particular attention to the rheology of the system, to phase transitions and to connections with the deep carbon cycle.