First NameLaura
Last NamePinarelli
RoleSenior Researcher
Phone055 2757482


  • Master Degree in Earth Sciences in 1982 and PhD in Earth Sciences in 1987 at the University of Firenze (Italy).
  • CNR Researcher since 1986.
  • CNR Senior Researcher since 2006.


  • Geochemistry and Petrology - Relationships between magmatism and geodynamics: plio-quaternary magmatism of Central-Southern Italy, Aeolian Arc, Aegean Arc, Red Sea; Tertiary magmatism of Alps, Greece, Bulgaria, Yemen. Characterization of crystalline basements (granites, metagranites, metapelites, metabasites) of the Southalpine, Calabria, and Spain.
  • Rb-Sr and Pb-Pb Geochronology of igneous rocks
  • Cultural Heritage - Pb and Sr isotope characterization of archaeological objects and materials
  • Environmental geochemistry - chemical and isotope characterization of surface and ground waters


  • Person in charge of Research Projects financed by: GNV-DPC (National Group of Volcanology -Department of Civil Protection), Italian Ministry of the Cultural Heritage, CNR-IGGI.
  • Participant in Research Projects financed by: CEE, Italian Ministry of Education, Universities and Research (MIUR), and CNR Agency.
  • Author and co-author of more than 70 publications on national and international peer-reviewed scientific journals and proceedings of conferences/workshops.
  • Referee for Acta Vulcanologica, Periodico di Mineralogia, Economic Geology, European Journal of Mineralogy, Chemical Geology, Mineralogy and Petrology, British Journal of Applied Science & Technology, Arabian Journal of Geosciences.
  • 2015 – Expert of European Commission for evaluation of Research Programs and Joint Technology Initiatives
  • 2015 – Member of the Jury of National Prize of Scientific Dissemination, launched by Italian Book Association, sponsored by CNR and AIRI (Italian Association of Industrial Research).
  • 2015 – Member of the Register of Expert Peer-Review for Italian Scientific Evaluation (REPRISE), of MIUR
  • 2015 - Member of commission for the assignment of a fellowship at CNR-IGG on the topic: “Origin and distribution of Hg0, H2S and SO2 in the atmosphere in volcanic, geothermal, and populated areas, through acquisition techniques.”
  • 2013 – Appraiser for MIUR of the FIRB “Futuro In Ricerca” Projects
  • since 2012 – Member of the "Register of Accredited Experts in Industrial Research" of MIUR
  • 2011 – Member of the Scientific Committee of the Congress “Geoitalia 2011, VII Italian Forum of Earth Sciences”, Torino, September 19-23
  • since 2010 – Member of the “Register of peer reviewers” of MIUR for the evaluation of research programs and products
  • 2009 - Member of the Commission for the evaluation of the best PhD Thesis in Geochemistry, awarded with the “Ezio Tongiorgi” prize by the Italian Geochemical Society (SoGeI)
  • 2008 - Invited lecturer at the Conference “Geochemical Research and Innovation: The activity of the National Research Council”, CNR, Rome, December 11.
  • Member of the Italian Federation of Earth Sciences (FIST, since 1996), Member and incorporator of the SoGeI (since 1999), Member of Geoitalia Assembly as representative of SoGeI
  • 1992 - Invited lecturer at the Conference “The Mal di Ventre roman relic”, Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Rome, May 7.
  • 1988-1992 - Member of the organizing committee and teacher at the III, IV and V “International school of Geochronology and Isotope Geochemistry”, IGGI-CNR.


  • Mattash M.A., Pinarelli L., Vaselli O., Minissale A., Jaimes-Viera M.C., Al-Kadasi M., Shawki M. N., Tassi F., 2014 – Geochemical evolution of southern Red Sea and Yemen flood volcanism: evidence for mantle heterogeneity. Arab. J. Geosci. 7(11), 4831-4850. DOI 10.1007/s12517-013-1120-1.
  •  Pinarelli L., Nisi B., Vaselli O., Minissale A., Buccianti A., Tassi F., 2014 – Major, trace element, and Sr isotope geochemistry of surface and ground waters in the Chiavenna Valley (Sondrio, Northern Italy). Rend Online Soc. Geol. It. 30, 62-65. DOI: 10.3301/ROL.2014.13
  •  Mattash M.A., Pinarelli L., Vaselli O., Minissale A., Al-Kadasi M., Shawki M. N. & Tassi F. (2013): Continental Flood Basalts and Rifting: Geochemistry of Cenozoic Yemen Volcanic Province. Int. J. Geosci. 4(10), 1459-1466. DOI: 10.4236/ijg.2013.410143
  •  Pinarelli L., Peccerillo A. & Donati C. (2012): Crust and Mantle Contributions to Orogenic Granitoid Magmatism: The Case of Tertiary Magmatism of Alps (Italy). In: "Granite: Occurrence, Minerlogy and Origin". Series: "Earth Sciences at the 21th Century". Blasik M. and Hanika B. Eds. , pp.57-78, Nova Science Publishers. ISBN 978-1-62081-566-3
  •  Pinarelli L., Bergomi M.A., Boriani L. & Giobbi E. (2008): Pre-metamorphic melt infiltration in metasediments: geochemical, isotopic (Sr, Nd, and Pb), and field evidence from Serie dei Laghi (Southern Alps, Italy). Mineral. Petrol., 93, 213-242. DOI: 10.1007/s00710-007-0222-4