First NameGiovanna
Last NameMoratti
RoleSenior Researcher
Phone055 2757452


  • Present (since 1982): Senior Reasearcher, Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche - Istituto di Geoscienze e Georisorse
  • 1999-2001: JSPS (Japan Society for the Promotion of Science) Scolarship
  • 1981-1982: Researcher at the Geothermal Division of the Italian National Electric Company (ENEL-UNG)
  • 1980: Laurea Diploma in Geological Sciences (Università di Firenze), magna cum laude 


Main interests:

  • Geodynamics and paleogeography of the Mediterranean area.
  • Tectonic evolution of the Mediterranean basins and fold-and-thrust belts (Northern and Southern Apennines, Italy; Betic Cordilleras, Spain; Rif, Middle Atlas and High Atlas, Morocco; Carpathians, Roumania; Balkans, Bulgaria; Hellenides, Greece).
  • Geological mapping. Structural analysis of ophiolitic terranes of the Ankara Suture Zone (Turkey).
  • Quaternary tectonics, active tectonics and seismotectonics (Italy, Bulgaria, Roumania, Morocco, Azerbaijan and Baja California (Mexico)).
  • Evolution and emplacement of igneous bodies (microstructural analysis and laboratory experiments). Ductile tectonics in polydeformed metamorphic areas (Apuan Alps, Italy).
  • Author or co-­‐author of 88 papers (40 on ISI journals), 26 geological maps and 76 abstracts/extended abstracs at congresses. Co-Editor of 4 Special Issues on ISI journals and First Editor of the GSL SP Book 262
  • International evaluator of FNRS (Fonds de la Recherche Scientifique, Belgium) and MIUR/CIVR (Ministry of Education, University and Research, Italy) projects
  • Reviewer for ISI journals (Basin Research, Italian Journal of Geosciences, Journal of African Earth Sciences, Journal of Asian Earth Sciences, Journal of Geodynamics, Journal of Petroleum Geology, Journal of Stuctural Geology, Pure and Applied Geophysics, Tectonophysics, etc.)
  • Organization of 12 international congresses. Chairman and/or Convener of 4 sessions in international congresses
  • Responsible of or participant in several national and international research projects. Italian PI of 5 Bilateral Projects with Czech Republic, Japan, Morocco
  • 2000-­2002: Vice‐Chair of COST Action 625. 2002-2006: Substitute of Italian Delegate in the Management Committee
  • 1982-­2005: Memberships: RCMNS (IUGS) Executive Board, Editorial Board of the Project on the Compilation of the Paleogeographic Map Series of the Neogene in Central and Eastern Europe on scale of 1:1.000.000
  • 1982-­1986 (IUGS-­RDP), IGCP Project 206 "Active and Recent Tectonics"


  • •Invited speaker at international/national Congresses, Universities and public/private Institutions
  • 2000: Invited Leader of geologic excursion at XIth R.C.M.N.S. Congress, Fès, Morocco


  • 1993-2001: Director of Centro di Studio di Geologia dell'Appennino e delle Catene Perimediterranee, CNR (Italian National Council of Reserach), Firenze
  • 2015-2017: Referent for Transparency of Istituto di Geoscienze e Georisorse, CNR
  • 2002-2015: Member of the Scientific Committee of Istituto di Geoscienze e Georisorse, CNR
  • 1987-2001: Member of the Scientific Council of C.S. Geologia dell'Appennino e delle Catene Perimediterranee, CNR
  • 1987-2001: Assistant Editor of "Annales Tectonicae", International Journal on Structural Geology and Tectonics, published in Firenze, Italy
  • Member of the Italian Geological Society and of the Italian Group of Structural Geology
  • Consulting and didactic activity for public and private Italian and international institutions 


  • Benvenuti M., Moratti G., Algouti A., 2017. Stratigraphic and structural revision of the Upper Mesozoic succession of the Dadès Valley, eastern Ouarzazate Basin (Morocco). Journal of African Earth Sciences, 135, 54-71
  • Pierotti L., Gherardi F., Facca G., Piccardi L., Moratti G., 2017. Detecting CO2 anomalies in a spring on Mt. Amiata volcano (Italy). Physics and Chemistry of the Earth, 98, 161-172
  • Sani F., Bonini M., Montanari D., Moratti G., Corti G., Del Ventisette C., 2016. The structural evolution of the Radicondoli–Volterra Basin (southern Tuscany, Italy): Relationships with magmatism and geothermal implications. Geothermics, 59, 38-55
  • Marroni M., Moratti G., Costantini A., Conticelli S., Benvenuti  M., Pandolfi L., Bonini M., Cornamusini G., Laurenzi M. A., 2015. Geology of the Monte Amiata region, Southern Tuscany, Central Italy. Italian J Geoscience, 134, 171-199
  • Bonini M., Sani F. Stucchi E.M., Moratti G., Benvenuti G., Menanno G., Tanini C., 2014. Late Miocene shortening of the Northern Apennines back-arc. J Geodynamics, 74, 1-31
  • Nirta G., Moratti G., Piccardi L., Montanari D., Catanzariti R., Carras N., Papini M., 2015. The Boeotian flysch revisited: new constraints on ophiolite obduction in central Greece. Ofioliti, 40 (2), 107-123