First NameGiancarlo
Last NameCavazzini
Phone049 8279137
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  • Laurea in Geological Sciences, University of Padova.
  • International School of Geochronology and Isotope Geochemistry (Gargnano, 1984; 1986).
  • CNR CTP from 1984 to 1989.
  • Researcher since 1989.


  • Geochemical and isotopic modelling in magmatic systems.
  • Modelling of isotope fractionation in mass spectrometry.


  • Invitation of 2011 ACS Admission Committee to become a member of American Chemical Society and of the ACS Technical Division.


  • Member of Scientific advisory board of C.S. Orogeno Alpi Orientali, CNR (1984-1991), and of C.S. Geodinamica Alpina, CNR (1991-2001).
  • Member of the Sub-Commission for the Nomenclature of the Micas (1984-final report (1998)).
  • Project management: C.S. Geodinamica Alpina: Project Thermal and structural evolution of polimetamorphic crystalline basements (1999-2001); Project Thermal and Tectonic Evolution Processes in Lithosphere in crustal extension and Orogenesis (1998-2001); Project Stratigraphic Integrated and Structural Analysis. Stratigraphic, biostratigraphic and petrographic studies of Trias (1998). Project Alpine, Hercynian and pre-Hercynian Magmatism in the Eastern Alps, 1998-2001; Project Alpine, Hercynian, and Caledonian Granitoid Plutonism in the Eastern Alps, 1994-1995. C.S. Problemi Orogeno Alpi Orientali: Project Rb-Sr Geochronology and Isotope Geochemistry of Crystalline Complexes, 1985-1987; Project Studies in Radiometric Geochronology, 1984.
  • Participation to Projects:
    • Key Project PNRA: Project Structure and Evolution of Mare of Ross region Litosphere, 1994-1995.
    • Project Petrography, Mineralogy, Geochemistry, Isotope Geochemistry and possibly Geochronology of Gallipoli Volcanics, and comparison with Admiralty Intrusives, 1999-2001;
    • Project Petrological, geochemical and geochronological Study of Admiralty Intrusives and comparison with related Magmatism in Tasmania and South-Eastern Australia, 1999-2001.
    • Key Project EvK2-CNR (1997-1998). CNR Project TA.P01.005: The Earth System and its Evolution over Time: Mechanisms and Effects of Chemical and Isotopic Differentiation Processes (2005-2011). CNR Project TA.P04.014: Integrated Methodologies of investigating Geological Processes and Materials, and their Impact on the Human Health and the Environment.(2011-2014). PRIN Project O, H, Sr and Cr Isotopic Characterization of natural water and soils, and the mobility of toxic chemical elements in the environment . PRA University of Padova: The Central Atlantic Magmatic province (CAMP): Origin, Geodynamical Implications and Paleoclimatic Effect (2004-2006). Research Project of IGG-CNR Institute: Geodynamics of Alpine Chains (2003). Research Project of IGG-CNR Institute; Genesis and evolution of minerals and rocks (2002).
  • Direction and management of Laboratory of Isotope Geochemistry and of Laboratory of Mass Spectrometry, IGG-CNR UOS of Padova.
  • Manager of first-aid at work and of individual protection devices equipments, IGG-CNR UOS of Padova.
  • Seminar-lectures in Isotope Geochemistry, various courses, University of Padova (1987-2006).
  • Teacher at the International Summer School on Isotope Geology (Verbania, 2007).
  • Since 2012 teacher at the Ph.D. Program in Earth Sciences, University of Padova (Methodologies in Thermal Ionization Mass Spectrometry).
  • Diffusion of scientific knowledge (Schools and cultural associations).
  • Editor of a Review Book in the field of Mass Spectrometry.
  • Referee of papers for the following Journals: Lithos, Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry, Scientific Research and Essays.


  • G. Cavazzini. A method for determining isotopic composition of elements by thermal ionization source mass spectrometry. International Journal Mass Spectrometry, 240 (2005), 17-26.
  • G. Cavazzini. Rayleigh’s distillation law and linear hypothesis of isototpe fractionation in thermal ionization mass spectrometry. International Journal Mass Spectrometry, 288 (2009), 84-91.
  • G. Cavazzini. Distillation law and exponential model of isotope fractionation. International Journal Mass Spectrometry, 309 (2012), 129-132.