First NameArturo
Last NameRaspini
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  • 1990: Laurea, Geological Sciences, Universita’ “Federico II” di Napoli.
  • 1996: D., Sedimentology.


  • Carbonate sedimentology and stratigraphy; microfacies analysis and high-resolution sequence stratigraphy linked with cyclostratigraphy. Isotope stratigraphy (∂13C e ∂18O). The record of oceanic anoxic events in Mesozoic carbonate platforms.
  • Stratigraphic framework of Late Quaternary shelf deposits. Depositional and hydrodynamic processes induced by pyroclastic mass flows and debris avalanches entering the sea and related impact on the coastal marine environment.


  • 1995: Visiting Scientist, University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill, USA) and Bahamian Field Station (San Salvador, Bahamas).
  • 1997-1999: Postdoctoral fellowship, Universita’ “Federico II” di Napoli.
  • 1998-1999: Visiting Researcher, University of South Carolina (Columbia, SC, USA).
  • 2001: Research fellowship: Research Institute “Geomare Sud”, CNR,
  • 2001: Researcher, National Research Council of Italy (CNR).


  • 2009: CNR Award 2005.


  • 1996/1997: Consultant geologist, Research Institute “Geomare Sud”, CNR,
  • 1998: Consultant geologist for the R.C.G. Inc. (Integrated Reservoir Characterization Group, USA) to the Saudi Arabian Oil Company (Saudi Aramco) in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia.
  • 2000: Professional collaborator: CARG Project (Sheets 465 Procida, 466 Sorrento and 467 Salerno Research Institute “Geomare Sud”, CNR,


  • Milia A., Raspini A. & Torrente M.M. (2007) The dark nature of Somma-Vesuvius volcano: evidence from the ~5 ka B.P. Avellino eruption. Quaternary International, 173–174, 57–66. doi:10.1016/j.quaint.2007.03.001.
  • Milia A., Molisso F., Raspini A., Sacchi M., Torrente M.M. (2008) Syneruptive features and sedimentary processes associated to pyroclastic flows entering the sea: the AD 79 eruption of Vesuvius, Bay of Naples, Italy. Journal of the Geological Society, London, 165, 839-848; doi:10.1144/0016-76492007-110.
  • Raspini (2012) Shallow water carbonate platforms (Late Aptian-Early Albian, Southern Apennines) in the context of supraregional to global changes: re-appraisal of palaeoecological events as reflectors of carbonate factory response. Solid Earth, 3, 225-249, doi:10.5194/se-3-225-2012.
  • Graziano R., Raspini A. & Spalluto L. (2013) High-resolution δ13C stratigraphy through the Selli Oceanic Anoxic Event (OAE1a) in the Apulia carbonate platform: the Borgo Celano section (western Gargano Promontory, Southern Italy). Italian Journal of Geosciences, 132, n. 3, 477-496, doi: 10.3301/IJG.2013.16.
  • Graziano R., Raspini A. (2015) Long- and short-term hydroclimatic variabilities in the Aptian Tethys: clues from the orbital chronostratigraphy of evaporite-rich beds in the Apennine carbonate platform (Mt. Faito, southern Italy). Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, 418, 319-343, dx.dorg/10.1016/j.palaeo.2014.11.021.