First NameAnna Maria
Last NameFioretti
RoleSenior Researcher
Phone049 8279146
Research Gate


  • 2007 Master in Science Communication (University of Padova)
  • 1983 Degree in Geological Sciences, (University of Padova)


  • Petrology, geochemistry and mineralogic investigation on the genesis and evolution of magmas and relationships with geodynamic settings.
  • Classification and petrology of meteorites.


  • Since 2015 member of the IGG Council
  • Since 2011 member of the Polar Research Committee of CNR
  • Since 2010 head of the IGG local unit in Padova
  • Since 2001 responsible of the microprobe laboratory
  • 2010-2012 – Principle investigator of the Programma Nazionale Ricerche in Antartide (PNRA) project “South Tasman Rise: geochemistry and geochronology of magmatic rocks, a contribution to the understanding of geological correlation across the Tasman gateway”
  • 2004-2006 – Principle investigator of the Padova local unit of the PNRA project “Meteorites from Antarctica Ice”
    2004-2005 – Principle investigator of the project “Crystal-chemistry and structural modifications vs. P, T, X in pyroxene and feldspar from terrestrial and extraterrestrial rocks: implication and petrogenetic applications”.
  • 2002-2003 – Principle investigator of the PNRA project “Paleozoic magmatism along the Paleopacific Margin of Gondwana. Investigation on the deep crustal source and time-space evolution of the magmatism in Northern Victoria Land (Antarctica), South Tasman Rise, and East Tasman Plateau”.
  • 2002–2003 - Principle investigator of the Padova local unit of the PNRA project “meteorites from Antarctic ice”
  • 1999-2001 Principle investigator of the Padova local unit of the PNRA project: Petrography, mineralogy and geochemistry of the Gallipoli Volcanics and relationships with the Admiralty Intrusives”.


  • Guastoni A., Pennacchioni G., Pozzi G., Fioretti A.M., J.M. Walter J.M. (2014) Tertiary pegmatite dikes of the Central Alps. Canadian Mineralogist The Canadian Mineralogist Vol. 52, pp. 191-219 (2014) DOI : 10.3749/canmin.52.2.191
  • Domeneghetti M.C., Fioretti A.M., Cámara F., McCammon C., Alvaro M. (2013) Thermal history of Nakhlites: a comparison between Mil03346 and its terrestrial analogue Theo’s flow. GCA, 121, 571–581. DOI: 10.1016/j.gca.2013.07.044
  • Black L.P., Everard J.L., McClenachan M. P., Korsch R.J., Calver C.R., Fioretti A.M., Brown A.V., Foudoulis C. (2010) Controls on Devonian Carboniferous magmatism in Tasmania, based on inherited zircon age patterns, Sr, Nd and Pb isotopes, and major and trace element geochemistry Australian Journal of Earth Sciences 57, No. 7. pp. 933-968, doi:10.1080/08120099.2010.509407  
  • Goodrich C.A., Fioretti A.M., Van Orman J. (2009) - Petrogenesis of augite-bearing ureilites Hughes 009 and FRO 90054/93008 inferred from melt inclusions in olivine, augite and orthopyroxene. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 73, 3055-3076.
  • Visonà D., Caironi V., Carraro A., Dallai L., Fioretti A.M., Fanning M. (2007) - Zircon megacrysts from basalts of the Venetian Volcanic Province (NE Italy): U–Pb ages, oxygen isotopes and REE data. Lithos, 94: 168-180.