Webinars series on Geo storage Technology - Italian Geological Society (SGI)

The 21 January will start a new webinar series on ‘’ Geo Storage Technology’’ sponsored by the Italian Geological Society (SGI).

The series consist on a weekly event starting by the 21 January and ending on the 25 th February and represent an opportunity to keep the exchange of ideas going within our community on the theme of the future Energy transition and its impact on the Geosciences.

Each  session will be organised as an hour event with a talk (30 min) followed by 15-20 min of public discussion after each talk. The seminar will take place through the platform GoToMeetings and will go on streaming using a dedicated SGI YouTube channel (www.youtube.com/channel/UC_fl6XXTUYBYaF2_4uRm37g/feed), every week with the same format but on a different topic.

Here the series program:

-  Suzanne Hangx, Utrecht University: Using the subsurface for CO2 and energy storage: the chemo-mechano-hydrological impact of fluid injection, 21 January, 17-18 (Rome time zone, GMT+1).

-  Romain Chassagne, Heriot watts University: Dynamic Reservoir Characterisation workflow for subsurface problems, 28 January , 17-18 (Rome time zone, GMT+1)

-  Juan Alcalde, Institute of Earth Sciences Jaume Almera Barcelona: Estimating geological CO2 storage security to deliver on climate mitigation, 4 February, 17-18 (Rome time zone, GMT+1)

-  Niklas Heinemann, Edinburgh University: Enabling large-scale hydrogen storage in porous media – the scientific challenges, 11 February, 17-18 (Rome time zone, GMT+1)

-  Chiara Boschi, CNR-IGG, Pisa: CO2 capture and storage by mineral carbonation, 18 February, 17-18 (Rome time zone, GMT+1)

-  Philip Ringrose, NTNU, Norway: CO2 Storage project design and strategy for global scale-up, 25 February, 17-18.

It will be possible to attend the meetings from a computer, tablet or smartphone via the links that will be attached in the various announcements https://global.gotomeeting.com/join/839520381.

A certificate of attendance will be issued to students, PhD students and any participants who request it. It will not be possible to produce this certificate if the name is not recognizable in the GoToMeeting application.

To request the certificate of attendance please contact david.iacopini(at)unina(dot)it.

Please find attached the programme and the leaflet.