Premium Secondo Franchi 2015

During the 88th Congress of the Italian Geological Society, IGG researchers received the Premium Secondo Franchi 2015 as co-authors of the best manuscript published on the Italian Journal of Geosciences in 2015 (

The article “G. MOLLI, M. DOVERI, A. MANZELLA, L. BONINI, F. BOTTI, M. MENICHINI, D. MONTANARI, E. TRUMPY, A. UNGARI & L. VASELLI, 2015 - Surface-subsurface structural architecture and groundwater flow of the Equi Terme hydrothermal area, northern Tuscany Italy. Italian Journal of Geosciences, 134, 442-457” originated from a cooperation between IGG and DST of Pisa, in the framework of a multidisciplinary study in which geological, hydrogeological, geophysical and geochemical competences were involved.