The book “Heracles and his labours" at the 9th edition of “RomArché. Parla l’archeologia”

The book “Heracles and his labours. The Bronze Age in Greece told by one of its protagonists”, 2017, authors Piccardi L. Alberti L., Paterna C., Cnr Edizioni, is the volume selected this year for presentation of CNR activities at the 9th edition of “RomArché. Parla l’archeologia” (, to be held at National Museum of Villa Giulia, Rome, May 24-27, 2018.

RomArché was founded in 2011 as the "Archaeological Publishing Exhibition". In 2016 and more organically from 2017 it extends the possibility of participation, as well as publishing houses, also to universities and research institutions and cultural associations, public and private, public bodies and, more generally, operators in the sector.

The volume will be presented on 26 May at 3 p.m.