GEO200 200th anniversary of Larderello industrial site: a geothermal environmental sustainability

The presentations of the given talks in the days of 7th and 8th of May 2018, held at the Auditorium of the ‘Area della Ricerca del CNR’ in Pisa and at the ENEL Green Power headquarter in Larderello, are now available. To download the presentations in pdf format please click on the talk title.


CNR Monday 7th May 2018, Auditorium @ Area della Ricerca CNR – PISA


Session 1: Geothermal energy in the world

Geothermal energy in the world and research frontiers. Ruggero Bertani (EGEC President)

Electrical generation technologies in Italy and in the world. Claudio Alimonti (University of Rome “La Sapienza”)

Direct and cascade uses of heat. Alessandro Sbrana (University of Pisa)

Economic and social benefits of geothermal energy. Marco Frey (School of Advanced Studies - Pisa)


Session 2: Environmental aspects of geothermal energy

Environmental data of geothermal energy. Adele Manzella, Maria Silvia Giamberini (CNR – IGG)

CO2 flux measurements in geothermal exploration. Francesco Frondini (University of Perugia)

CO2 and heat flux in Apennine. Giovanni Chiodini (INGV)

Environmental monitoring of geothermal plants and areas (ARPAT)

- Power plants emissions controls. Simone Magi

- Air quality in the geothermal areas. Alessandro Bagnoli

- Impact of the geothermal activity at M. Amiata, on shallow and deep waters. Luca Sbrilli

Seismicity vs geothermal activity. Claudio Chiarabba (INGV)


Session 3: Focus health aspects and sustainability of geothermal energy

Human Health aspects related to geothermal energy. Michael N. Bates (University of California, US)

Tuscany Region health agency: evaluation in Tuscany. Daniela Nuvolone (ARS Toscana)

Renewable integrate systems and geological reference for diffuse air conditioning. Romano Giglioli (University of Pisa)


Tuesday 8th May 2018, EGP headquarter @ Larderello


Introduction: history of geothermal energy applications in Tuscany. Alessandro Lenzi (ENEL Green Power)