Che Forte la Scienza!

The exhibition "Anche le pietre parlano" created by IGG-CNR, Laboratory of Archaeomagnetic dating Villa Borbone (Viareggio) will be hosted at the public library L.Quartieri at Villa Bertelli (Forte dei Marmi) from March 30 to 17 April in the framework of “Che Forte, la Scienza!” the first festival of scientific culture, organized by Municipality of Forte dei Marmi (Lu), in collaboration with the scientific association La Nuova Limonaia , the laboratory Esploranda and the actor Michele Neri. The initiative is sponsored by the MIUR (for Tuscany IX Territorial Office of Lucca and Massa Carrara), Tuscany Region, Province of Lucca and the University of Pisa. The aim of the exhibition is to provide the tools to detect the information kept within the rocks, to understand what happened in their “life” and in that of the Earth.

All the "stones" have an age and a story and, if we know their language, they can tell us pictures of life lived by our planet, whether they have been ejected from a volcano, whether they are deformed in the folds of a mountain or that lie at the bottom of lakes and oceans. For these purposes we used the rocks that most fascinate the man, the ornamental stones, comparing the commercial world with the scientific world of geology in order simplify what is hidden behind good looks, the colors and textures of these materials.