BRIGHT 2020 - Researchers' Night...Online!

This year too, the Research Area of the CNR (National Research Council) of Pisa has decided to take part in the European event Bright Night 2020, the Researchers' Night, in order to give a positive signal of a new restart. Compared to the past, Covid19 has forced some organizational changes: the date of the main event has been postponed to Friday 27th November and a new format has been designed and created, respecting the rules dictated by the DPCM. The concept is: "if the public cannot go to the researcher, the researcher will go to the public", always in a virtual way. 

A website dedicated to Researchers' Night at the CNR in Pisa ( has been created that will allow the public and schools to choose the contents of interest such as video seminars, webinars (live seminars), guided tours of laboratories, science recipes, and Tech Talk

All this will also be available on the Youtube channel of the CNR Research Area of Pisa ( and on the social channels of Bright Toscana, the CNR Institutes of Pisa and the radio programme Aula 40 ( 

The European Union has decided that the theme of Bright 2020 is ECONOMIC AND SOCIAL SUSTAINABILITY; the 5 themes on which it is articulated represent all the research activities taking place in the Research Area of Pisa:                                                                         

- A better world for all!

- For a sustainable community

- Research ... Healthy!

- Future-amo

- We support the planet  

With the new format, particular attention has been paid to the creation of short and captivating presentations, which use simple and direct language to entertain and amuse even the youngest with scientific "questions". In live events it will be possible to interact with the speaker through questions that can be collected in the comments of social channels. 

The Institute of Geosciences and Georisources (IGG) is present in Bright with a live seminar entitled "Geoparks: lands of resilience" which introduces us to the world of UNESCO geoparks, territories that develop links between geological heritage, biodiversity and cultural wealth, and with a Tech-Talk explaining the role of forests for the climate of planet Earth.  IGG also participates with a seminar on "Science at the Pole" within the Win on Waste (WOW) group.

In addition, IGG's young researchers enthusiastically participate with their videos in the "Reselfie" section, in which they will explain in a few words why they have chosen and their scientific activity.