Andrea Rielli received the Early career Grant of the National Geographic Society

Andrea Rielli, IGG-CNR associated researcher, has been awarded an Early Career Grant through the National Geographic Society. The Early Career Grant provides funding for individuals to have their first opportunity to lead a project, whether it involves exploration, scientific research, conservation, education or storytelling. 

Andrea Rielli’s project “Magnesite deposits as proxies for paleo-CO2 fluxes through the Earth’s crust“ aims to investigate whether the onset of extensional tectonic in back-arc regions could trigger flare-ups in CO2 emissions from the Earth’s interior. Andrea, in collaboration with IGG researchers Chiara Boschi and Andrea Dini, will use as case study magnesite deposits hosted in ultramafic rocks in the Apennines back-arc. The future results will improve the current understanding of non-volcanic CO2 emissions from the solid Earth that may have been previously overlooked. This will help refine models of the global carbon cycle, that is necessary to better understand the Earth’s paleoclimate and quantify background climate variability in which modern human-induced modifications operate. 


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