AIQUA Workshop

On 22th and 23th June, the workshop “Updates on the chronology, stratigraphy and environments of the last glacial maximum and the late glacial on the southern side of the Alps’ will be held at the Department of Geosciences, in Padova (Italy) and organized by AIQUA in collaboration to the University of Padova and the IGG-CNR of Padova. The main aim of this workshop is to provide a comprehensive, state-of-the-art framework of the geomorphic, sedimentary and palaeoenvironmental events that occurred in this key area, which is located at the critical transition between continental Europe and the Mediterranean region. The presence of long-investigated Upper Palaeolithic sites in the Italian sub-Alpine region rises stimulating questions on the interaction between early humans and extreme environmental conditions and landscapes of the last glaciation.

The workshop is articulated in a first day of solicited talks that will address some major topics, with ample time devoted to the discussion of problematic aspects, as well as short presentations and posters by the participants. On the second day, there will be a field trip in the Venetian Prealps centered on the arrival, acme and decay of the glaciers in the terminal tracts of the Brenta and Piave valleys, and the dynamic response of the glaciofluvial system. Researchers, students and professionals interested in these problems are warmly invited to participate.