What are they for?

Workshop focused on stable isotopes

On 24th May, the workshop focused on stable isotopes entitled “What are they for?” will be held at the Area della Ricerca in Pisa, Italy.

The workshop is organized by the Institute of Geosciences and Earth Resources, which collaborates with researches from several disciplines: Earth Sciences, archeology, chemistry, medicine, agronomy, food science, etc.

H, C, N, O stable isotopes are, among the elements, the most varying ones in the earth system and are the main components of organic and inorganic matter. They are useful for multiple purposes: to trace the origin of rocks, fluids, pollutants; to determine the minerals’ formation temperature; to characterize water/rock interaction; to define metabolic pathways in organisms; to reconstruct past climate and environments; to characterize modern and past biogeochemical cycles and to project future climatic and ecological changes.

On this one-day workshop, we are meeting to talk about all of these issues.

Please, send an e-mail for registration to ilaria.baneschi(at)igg.cnr(dot)it and federica.caiozzi(at)igg.cnr(dot)it.